About Natalie

If you’re interested in private sessions at your home please fill out my contact form and book a date/time for an initial consultation on my scheduling page.

I’m a certified dog behavior consultant (CCPDT), certified dog trainer (CCPDT & ABC), mentor for students studying to become dog trainers (ABC & CATCH), and certified Family Dog Mediator. I have a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from U of I. I have been working hands-on with dogs in shelters and the real world for over 15 years, and I have been lucky enough to be mentored by some of the best in the industry. Continuing education is a priority for me, there is always more to learn. I am self employed and I do this full time. 
I enjoy helping with cases involving: aggression, fear, anxiety, overexcitement, basic manners, puppy socialization, and teaching skills that help people and their dogs to enjoy their lives together (ex cooperative care for nail trims, loose leash walking).
One of my greatest joys in life is when I get a great update from a client or get to see their progress with their dog. 
I submitted a contact form, do I need to wait for a reply from you before booking an initial consultation?
No, go ahead and schedule. If you have questions or concerns please text or email me.
Can I book multiple sessions at once?
Yes you are welcome to book multiple follow up training/behavior modification sessions after you’ve booked your initial consultation.
How far apart should I book sessions?
2-3 weeks apart seems to work best for most people. Then you have a chance to practice the skills and concepts, and you’ll likely be ready for some next steps.
How long will it take to reach my goals for my dog’s behavior?
Prognosis depends on SO many factors. After implementing the recommendations given during the initial consultation, most clients report improvement in their dog’s behavior.
Can I reschedule?
Yes! You can reschedule as often as needed as long as it is more than 24 hours in advance.
Will you come in and fix the problem I’m having with my dog?
You might compare this type of work to the work that you would do with a physical therapist, mental health professional, tennis coach, etc. (not like a washing machine repair service!) You are the one to do the training and behavior modification work with your dog, I am here to give professional recommendations, guidance, and feedback. 
Can you meet with me any sooner than the availability shown on your scheduling page?
I wish I could, because I genuinely want to help you as soon as possible, however, I have to keep boundaries regarding scheduling (it is easy to overschedule when you’re passionate about your work!). If you urgently need help and would like a referral to a trusted colleague, please contact me. I typically book out 1-2 months in advance for initial consultations, and about 1-3 weeks for follow ups training/behavior modifications sessions. 
Can I schedule the training/behavior modification session option instead of an initial consultation?
The initial consultation is a prerequisite for the follow up training/behavior modification sessions. In order for my recommendations to be ethical and effective, I need to gather some information about your dog’s behavior and your goals. The extra time for the initial consultation appointment allows for this.  I have more availability for these follow up sessions because I want to help with the next steps for people and dogs I’ve already started to work on goals with. 
Can we speak on the phone before I book?
Unfortunately it takes too much of my limited time to speak with prospective new clients on the phone. I am happy to communicate via phone call with clients that I’ve already worked with if that is their preferred communication style. Texting or email is welcome anytime, from anyone, and those are my preferred forms of communication. 
Do you offer refunds?
Typically I am unable to offer refunds. Please consider carefully before booking. 
I live more than a 25 minute drive from Urbana, can we still meet in person?
I offer virtual consultations via Zoom for people who live more than 25 minutes away. After the initial consultation, if it is appropriate, we may choose to meet in a public park, etc. within 25 minutes of Urbana. Or, we may continue to meet virtually, depending on your goals for your dog’s behavior and your dog’s behavior history.
Do you offer boarding, walking, pet sitting, etc?
I do not offer these services at this time.
Do you teach group classes?
Yes, see services page.

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