Training Philosphy

My dog training philosophy is to be positive, not permissive.

I use the Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive strategy when working with your pet.  I want the training or behavior modification we do to be easy, fun, and effective for all involved.

I never recommend positive punishment (adding something the learner dislikes to decrease the unwanted behavior) as the first way to solve a problem with your pet. There are many other preferable and less risky routes to changing pet behavior. More information can be found here: AVSAB Punishment Position Statement

To teach your dog good behavior as a habit you have to have a relationship built on trust and consistency. This takes patience, time, and commitment, but it is well worth it.

Having worked in an open admission shelter, I know the stakes can be high when it comes to dog behavior. In extreme cases if dog behavior problems go unaddressed people or pets can end up injured and dogs can end up homeless or euthanized. I am passionate about doing everything I can to prevent those situations whenever possible. I will always continue to educate myself and others about the latest developments in humane, efficient dog training.





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